Valuable Spay-Neuter Packages

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Our Spay/Neuter packages offer the best value in the area! We feel a moral imperative to be a part of reducing pet overpopulation in Maricopa County by offering affordable surgeries to our clients while continuing to provide the best standard of care.

Our packages are for the client who wants to reduce all possible risks involved with anesthesia and surgery, and at the same time feel good that their pet is recovering in a warm, loving, comfortable and stress-free environment (kisses and hugs included!). We use the most modern anesthesia (Sevoflurane), perform pre-anesthetic labwork to screen for organ function or bleeding abnormalities, provide a potentially life saving IV catheter and fluids to help control blood pressure and support the kidneys as they filter the anesthetic, monitor all vital signs including ECG, as well as send you home with comprehensive pain management.

Reducing the risks involved with the procedures, providing a caring, attentive recovery environment for your pet and keeping the prices as low as we can gives you the best value as well as peace of mind. Call us for our comprehensive package prices!