Radiology or x-rays help our veterinarians evaluate musculoskeletal, cardiovascular (cardiopulmonary), gastrointestinal, reproductive and urinary systems. They are capable of helping our doctors detect arthritis, fractures, bony tumors and other forms of cancer; heart enlargement and congestive heart failure; bladder and kidney stones; stomach or intestinal foreign bodies; pneumonia and other lung diseases and much more. Radiographs are part of a diagnostic work-up if your pet is having a problem or as part of a general wellness examination in an older pet to detect potential problems early. Ask our staff or veterinarians if you have questions about our Radiology Services.

Dental Radiography

Our hospital offers Digital Dental Radiographs (X-Rays) as part of our Dentistry Services. In the course of dental treatment, specially designed dental radiology equipment allows your veterinarian to view structures that lie below the gum line. The location of tooth root infections, the extent of peridontal bone loss and the identification of bone cysts and tumors can be identified using dental x-rays. With this knowledge the best decisions can be made in the treatment of your pet.

Our dental cleaning packages always include 4 views to ensure complete and accurate dental medical record keeping, as well as the best treatment recommendation for your pet. Remember, a tooth is like an iceberg and much of the tooth lies below the surface. Performing a dental cleaning without radiographs might leave undiagnosed problems, continued infection and pain.