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Senior Pet Care

When your pet has been with you for many years—not only do they become irreplaceable members of the family, they also need a little extra care.

As your pet grows older we recommend that “wellness visits” become more frequent and that we see your pet at least twice a year (every 6 months) for senior bloodwork and senior care. Bloodwork for seniors may include urinalysis, checking kidney and liver functions, complete blood cell counts, and thyroid functioning. It is important to have this bloodwork performed as it can uncover systemic abnormalities that a physical examination may not detect.

Many older dogs suffer from osteoarthritis. Safe and effective pain medications can make these dogs comfortable and help live longer, happier lives with your family.

Because each year of an older animal’s life is roughly equivalent to 4 human years, our pets age much faster than we do. Therefore, we need to do all we can to watch carefully and frequently for any developing problems. The earlier we find them, the more we can do to control these problems.

If your pet is already facing an illness or disability that can come with old age, your veterinarian will work with you to maintain the highest quality of life for your pet.