Spaying or neutering your pet is an important decision for pet owners. It is important to understand the impact of this decision. Hopefully it is the only major surgery that your pet ever has, and you want to be sure that you minimize the risks as much as possible and provide for the most comfortable recovery for your pet.

Spaying or neutering your pet is always the right decision to make. It is the healthier alternative because it can prevent some behavioral problems (marking, heat cycles, roaming, dominance etc...) as well as some health problems (estrogen related cancers as well as prostatic disease and cancer).

Our hospital routinely performs spays and neuters, the surgical sterilization of female and male dogs and cats. Spaying involves removal of the uterus and ovaries of female dogs and cats and is called ovariohysterectomy. Neutering involves removal of the testicles of male dogs and cats and is called castration.

We take every precaution available to minimize the risk to your pet. Because these surgeries are done under general anesthesia, we choose Sevo. Sevo is the absolute safest anesthetic on the market. Widely used in human pediatric surgical settings, we love it for our pets - who are like our kids! Only a small percentage of animal hospitals use Sevo; and though it might be a little more expensive, we think that reducing risks associated with anesthesia is worth it.

All of our Spay/Neuter Packages Include:

  • Pre-Anesthetic Labwork

  • IV Catheter and Fluids; before, during and after the procedure

  • Pain Injection

  • Monitoring of all vital signs during procedure, including ECG

  • One-on-one post-op care and monitoring by one of our technicians

  • Pain Medications to go home with

​​​​​​​These surgeries are performed most commonly at or around six months of age. Ask our staff about any other questions you might have if you are considering spaying and neutering your pet.